We have been building docks for over 40 years in the Les Cheneaux Islands area.  Our workers are skilled in the trade of timber crib dock construction, and boathouse repair. We have a fleet of several barges and workboats configured to take on any marine contracting job.


1976 –    founded company

1977 –    purchased an old dragline crane & dumptruck. began

                dredging our harbor, installed piling and created our

                main pier.

1980 –    purchased our piledriver/barge Arborvitae. during a                    

                march blizzard Jason is born

1985 –    workboat 25’ Seiche is christened.

1986 –    our seagull Larianna is born. record high water, barge

                sunk on december 6th, while rebuilding Janet Adams

                marquette island boathouse dock.

1988 –    after many camping excursions to voight bay, pointe aux

                outarde is purchased.

1992 –    new three slip boathouse is created at boot island.

1993 –    Camp Fishhook is built, and powered with solar energy.

                big slipdock at voight bay is created.

1998 –    both hurricane George and hurricane Mitch damage the

                lower florida keys. windjammer brigantine schooner

                Fantome goes down near belize. we rebuild several

                lower key boat docks, primarily on summerland and

                sugarloaf key oceanfront, and also key west.

1999 –    scrap old barge Raber, and christen new barge 50’ La

                Ninia. workboat 23’ Moonshine is also christened atop

                looe key reef.

2002 –  two winters on green turtle cay. rescue potcake dog


2006 –  install new musky bay boathouse dock for the Braham

                family. Richards family boathouse dock is restored.

2007 –  restore lakeward side of Windswept boathouse dock.

                complete Wayside boathouse restoration.

2008 – completed restoration of the Horsburgh/Wagner boot

                island boathouse dock. built a new boatslip for the

                Pendery’s at coryell island. installed a new boat harbor

                at the Mcmillan’s on Marquette island. create a tuna

                tower on our tugboat 26’ Arborvitae III.

2009 – completed restoration of the Walker’s coryell island

                boathouse dock, and also the Kausch’s boot island

                boathouse dock. installed a new boat dock for the

                Lincoln family  at lakeside. lake elevation rises a foot.

2010 –  looking forward to the Ensign sailboat national fleet

                regatta to be hosted in wilderness bay. also

                Les Cheneaux islands channel dredging by Malcolm

                Marine, and expansion of Cedarville Harbor.